Saturday, November 8, 2008

sweet Maria Theresa helping make the cake for Kaden's birthday.

A Couple of Tidbits of Information for you

Did you know that diaper rash causes arthritis? Or maybe arthritis causes diaper rash... I am not sure. At the circle a little gal prayed for her baby sister who had a bad diaper rash. Then she looked up at me and very seriously told me her sister had arthritis. It's a good thing I have had much practice in not laughing at things children tell me when they are being very serious.

We are making a set of planets in school and at least a couple of the children asked me why God made Pluto not be a planet anymore. (Well, that is the way they worded it) I'll have to work my brain around awhile to try to figure out what I must have said somewhere in the explanation of planets that made them figure God had just taken Pluto out of the planet line-up.

There are several of the four and five year old children who have nouns and verbs down pat. I'm proud of them. They may not be able to tie their shoes just yet but they know those nouns and verbs. (They also know what the top of the turtle shell is called - do you?)