Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sweet Kadan learning how to set the table

Our Kim

We had a shower for Our Kim who is having a baby boy in August. We are very happy for her and her family. I thought the pictures of Gerry showing Madilyn and Alyssa the presents were very cute. They were so excited, and listened so intently, while she explained what the present was.

Rylan is our second to newest student. He is full of life and spunk. I will have to take more pictures of him doing the things he loves to do- like cutting bread, "reading," pouring, working with the magnets, setting the flashlight together and "hanging" monkeys so his Mom and Dad know how busy he is during the day.

sweet sweetums...

Little Joel - our newest and youngest, loves the bird on a string. He reaches for it and giggles so sweetly when he pulls it, making the bird's wings flap.
He is just learning to crawl and heads toward the little fence and pulls himself up. It is the perfect height for him.